Level 2 Complete Business Essentials Diploma

Level 2 Complete Business Essentials Diploma
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Get the ball rolling with your prospective business venture, and sign up for this business diploma that will help your business succeed. The dream of running your own business can become a reality with the know-how that can be gained from studying these in-depth modules, and with the expertise and business acumen that you can develop, there’s every chance of your venture being a fruitful one.

Ten Hours, 16 modules

This easy-to-navigate diploma is made up of 16 comprehensive modules, each taking between 15 and 30 minutes to complete and covering all manner of subject material from branding and marketing to recruitment and financing. Study is completely flexible thanks to the online courseware, but we estimate the diploma can be completed in approximately ten hours; however, how you plan your time is completely up to you and, with lifetime access to the course, there’s no rush!

Build a Successful Career

Running a profitable business can be tough in the current economic times – no matter how big or small you plan your venture to be. It requires a great deal of perseverance and determination, but it can be done, and with this excellent source of information and training to guide you, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching for your goals and running with them!

Key Learning Points

This course would be ideal for anyone considering joining the world of business, whether you’re just out of school or hoping for a complete career change. It would particularly suit individuals who wish to start their own business, or become self-employed. There are no entry requirements.

  • Start from the beginning, and gain valuable insight into how to start your own business, from generating the initial ideas to setting up the all-important business plan.
  • Learn how to identify your target audience, and understand the importance of having a USP. Understand how to use branding to increase your business realisation.
  • Touch upon financing, and the various options available. Take a look at the areas of cash flow, accounting, tax and bookkeeping, and learn how to budget accordingly.
  • Appreciate the importance of marketing, and how the proper use of social media can help to get your business on the map. Learn how to market your business successfully, using all of the relevant channels, and how to fit your marketing strategies into any budgeting limitations that are in place.
  • Gain insight into how to recruit and manage staff, from ensuring they stay motivated to the importance of training and development.
  • Recognise some of the legal issues that you may face as a business, and how these issues can be dealt with effectively, including the need for the relevant insurance packages.
  • Understand the importance of technology, including what you should have as a business and how it works. Take a look at why you need a website and how a customer-focussed one can be created on a budget.
  • Learn about business ethics and their importance.

Advantages of the Course

  • Study online at times that are convenient to you, thanks to our flexible courseware that is available 24/7, 365 a day.
  • Compatible across a variety of devices and browsers, so you can learn on the go or at home, with ease.
  • Give your future business ventures the best chance of success by gaining valuable skills and know-how.
  • Online support available throughout, should you need it.
  • Short modules ensure concentration won’t lapse and knowledge retention won’t suffer.
  • Course completion certificate can be downloaded following successful completion of the course and test.

Enter the business world with a bang and give your career a positive start, by signing up to this fabulous diploma, today!

This course is CPD certified. 

Where to Begin
  • Where to begin when starting your business
  • How to generate potential ideas
  • The personal qualities that you need to run a successful business
Starting Your Business Plan
  • The reasons for a business plan
  • The importance of the business plan
  • What is generally included in a plan
  • How to start your very own plan
Research and Your Target Market
  • How to start your research into your potential business
  • Sources you can use in order to conduct that research
  • How to identify your target market
  • What we mean by branding
  • How branding applies to your business
  • How to go about branding your company
  • Examples of branding and how effective it is
Goal Setting
  • What we mean by goals
  • How to set attainable goals
  • How it fits in with your business plan
  • How to tackle issues related to goal setting
Options with Financing
  • The role of financing
  • The different options available when it comes to financing
  • How to know how much money you need
  • What do you give in return for the financing?
Dealing with Accounts and Money
  • The basics of accounting and bookkeeping
  • What we mean by cash flow
  • How to budget for things in your business
  • How to deal with invoices and payments
The Importance of Marketing and Social Media
  • Why marketing even on a small budget is a good idea
  • How to market on that small budget
  • Key strategies to take into consideration
  • How to take advantage of social media
  • How to find the perfect staff
  • How to manage staff correctly
  • The importance of training them correctly
  • How to keep them motivated
Dealing with the Legalities
  • The key legal issues for everybody
  • The importance of doing things in the correct manner
  • How to deal with issues related to these legalities
Dealing with Tax
  • How to get the best advice on dealing with tax
  • The main kinds of tax you will have to deal with
  • What happens if you do not deal with it correctly?
  • How to make life easier for yourself with tax
Dealing with Insurance
  • The main types of business insurance
  • Why you need it
  • How to know what applies to you
  • The cost of not having the correct insurance
Using Technology
  • How technology can improve your business
  • How to know you have the correct technology for your business
  • How to avoid overpaying
  • The importance of keeping on top of technology
The Importance of Ethics
  • The meaning of business ethics
  • How it applies to your business
  • The difference it makes to how you operate and are perceived
Dealing with your Website
  • The importance of having a website
  • What to include on your website
  • How to get the website that your business needs
  • How to market your website
Growing your Business and Moving Forward
  • How to know when you are ready to grow your business
  • How to do it in a controlled manner
  • The potential pitfalls of growing your business
  • Dealing with the future
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