BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes
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The Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes online course enables you to better understand and learn how to use, the practical business analysis techniques, used to improve business processes.

What is the Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes?

The Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes online training course will enable you to learn how to use practical business analysis techniques, to improve business processes. Throughout this BCS course you’ll learn about the different levels of modelling Business Analyst often use.

This course fulfils the practitioner-based requirement and makes up part of the International Diploma in Business Analysis. The other modules include Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice, Practitioner Certificate in Requirement Engineering and then either the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis or the Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness.

Is this training suitable for me?

We have developed this training course for those who want to understand how to use modelling business processes and other business analysis techniques effectively.

If you want to train to become a Business Analyst, or you currently are working as one, this course is ideal for you. It would also suit Business Managers, Business Change Managers and Project Managers.

Why choose us to study your Business Analysis qualification

Over the last decade, our expert team have created processes, materials and a format which works. We have trained over 575,000 delegates from around the world and this has enabled us to offer the highest quality training.

You will also benefit from:

  • Highly quality training materials
  • Expert Tutor Support
  • 6-months access to course materials
  • Interest-Free Payment Plans

What job could I get with a Business Analysis Certification?

Once you have completed this training you will be able to work towards your International Diploma in Business Analysis, helping you to move into a wide range of job roles, such as Consulting, Project Management, or Strategy Planning. Typically, individuals decide to work in the following roles:

  • Business Analysis - £43k
  • Business Architecture - £65k
  • Enterprise Architecture - £92k

(Source: Glassdoor)

Course Details, Syllabus & Exams

During this online training course, you will be trained how to create, model, investigate, analyse, or improve business processes in any organisation. Learn the context behind process modelling and understand how to use it effectively. You will also review the various levels of process modelling from the organisational view.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of business process modelling in describing how an organisation carries out its internal processes; the hierarchy of process models and techniques to describe them; and why this is a key skill of the business analyst in supporting change
  • Be able to model core business processes at an organisational level
  • Understand how to model business processes at the process level, showing all the elements involved from triggering events to process endpoints
  • Learn how to document and analyse tasks
  • Use gap analysis to improve business processes

Syllabus and Exam weighting

  • The Context for Business Processing Modelling – 15%
  • The Organisational Context for Business Processes – 20%
  • Modelling the Business Processes – 30%
  • Documenting Tasks – 15%
  • Improving Business Processes – 20%

Exam Details

  • Duration – 60 minutes
  • Supervised – Yes (via Proctor)
  • Open Book – No
  • Pass Mark – 26/40
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